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Katy, originally from Hungary, is a well-educated, independent lady, who studied to be a criminal lawyer in her native Hungary, with the current president! Working in her dream job as an international lawyer, Katy travelled the world, Africa, New Zealand, Egypt, Asia, Mexico, and Italy, learning to speak different languages to support her work.  

Whilst working in Ethiopia, a tragic event occurred. She, her young daughter and partner were victims of a terrible motorcycle accident, resulting in the death of her daughter, and Katy being in a coma for several months. When she awoke, not only did she have to cope with the news of the death of her daughter, she was unable to utter a word.  She had to learn how to speak all over again, Katy needed to find purpose.

She moved to England in 2018, confidently expecting to find support for her rehabilitation, as she learnt to understand the language and culture of yet another country. She was lucky in her choice of new home and has gradually learnt to adapt to her new environment.

She is now ready to face a new challenge, improving her English speaking, reading and writing so that she can gradually work towards a better life. She has joined an EM Skills English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) course and is enjoying, sharing her experiences with the other students.

She hopes that one day she can move back to Hungary and eventually to return to Ethiopia.

This blog has been written with the permission of Katy

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