Free ESOL courses for all employed in Herts, Black Country and West Sussex

We are giving businesses the opportunity to train any staff whose second language is English
There is no monetary cost to yourselves -it’s all free!
What is the catch? There isn’t one!

This is a government funded program to make Herts, Black Country and West Sussex businesses more competitive

We have recently won a European Social Fund to train ESOL (English as Second Language) employees in English and mathematics. This funding is aimed at SMEs with the aim of making businesses in Herts, Black Country and Sussex more competitive.

We want to work with all different types of businesses all over Herts, Black Country and Sussex and provide them with this training.

The training process:

  • English and maths initial assessment to assess current abilities in these areas
  • Progress onto English/maths course to help train them in lacking areas
  • They then sit English/maths exams to gain Entry Level/Functional Skills qualifications
  • We can then provide any other types of training to help your business stay competitive (such as customer service or IT skills)

Whatever ESOL requirements you need to help add value to your employees, we can help you for absolutely no monetary cost.

This also includes self-employed individuals!

If you would be interested in signing any of your employees up for this free training, please contact Helen on, fill out our quick and easy form or phone 01992 677 373.

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