An apprenticeship is an amazing opportunity for both an employer and employee.

Employees will benefit by gaining confidence and skills in their job role while employers will acquire an immediately improved workforce. Training is flexible and can work around shift patterns and schedules to ensure both parties are well supported.

Employees will benefit from supported, focused training which encourages and motivates, as well as a portable qualification that will enhance their career opportunities.

The relationship between the employer and employee is strengthened during an apprenticeship and 90% of apprentices stay on at their place of work after their apprenticeship is completed.

Apprentices can be from any age or background, already employed or looking for work. The training offered by EM Skills is free.  New recruits are currently supported by a government incentive of up to £3000 to cover training and assessments. To learn more about government incentives  click here.


EM Skills support

EM Skills will guide both the employer and the employee through the apprenticeship.  We will design an assessment plan at the beginning of the course with clear milestones for achievement, ensuring that the evidence is collected as effectively as possible. There will be monthly workshops, either held at the employer premises face-to-face, or through Zoom, as well as a monthly 1-2-1 tutorial to check progress.

We will also support you to create both  the employer and employee apprenticeship accounts.  This will ensure that the employer can secure any government incentives as they become available, and the employee has access to information about their apprenticeship and next steps.

What is required from the employer?

  • Apprentices must be employed for 30+ hours including 20% off-the-job training in the form of meetings, tutorials, research, and working in a new environment.
  • Apprentices must over the age of 16 years and should be contracted to work for you for at least long enough for them to complete their apprenticeship successfully.
  • A commitment to support the apprentice’s training by identifying dates on which the training take place, the apprenticeship the employee is working towards, and the amount of off-the -job training they will receive.
  • To receive their apprenticeship qualification apprentices must meet all the apprenticeship standards and pass their end-point assessment. They should reach this point with support from their employer. To find further employer information click here

What us required from the employee?

  • A commitment to study for about six hours a week
  • Motivation to complete assignments and work-based evidence
  • A willingness to apply skills and behaviours in the workplace
  • Enthusiasm and drive
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