Free Training for Businesses in Essex and Kent

Want to train your staff in a particular subject?
Forget the cost – it’s all free with us!
What is the catch? There isn’t one!

This is a government funded program to make Essex and Kent businesses more competitive

We have recently won a European Social Fund to train employees in English and mathematics as well as any other training that the business may require. This funding is aimed at SMEs (under 249 employees) with the aim of making businesses in Essex and Kent more competitive.

We want to work with all different types of businesses all over Essex and Kent and provide them with vital training.

Our offer includes training in:

  • First Aid
  • Health and Safety
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Assertiveness
  • Report writing
  • Presentations
  • Book keeping
  • Web design / development
  • Communication skills
  • Creative writing

… or any training you feel suitable for your organisation!

If you would be interested in signing your business up for this free training, please contact Helen on, fill out our quick and easy form or phone 01992 677 373.