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Complaints Procedure

EM Skills aims to provide the very best service to learners and potentials learners and has developed a straight-forward complaints procedure to ensure that complaints are dealt with as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our complaints procedure explains how complaints should be reported and how learners and can expect complaints to be handled.

Step 1
Firstly, always try to resolve the complaint with the relevant person. If it is with a fellow learner then ask your tutor for guidance and they will be able to assist you.

Step 2
If you are unable to resolve your complaint informally or your complaint is about your tutor then you can raise a formal complaint providing full details by any of the following channels:


In writing:

HR Manager
EM Skills
Suite 6
Parkside Business Centre
Herts. EN11 0EP

Complaint form: Can be emailed or posted to you

Telephone: 01992 677373

When making a complaint, it is helpful if you give as much information as possible (including personal details) and include steps that you have taken to resolve your complaint, any discussions that you have already had about the matter, attach copies of any earlier correspondence and state clearly what remedy, if any, you are seeking.

On receipt of your complaint, the most appropriate Manager will be assigned to investigate and will contact you as soon as this is complete. This would normally be within 10 working days but can sometimes take longer. If at any time, however, you would like information concerning the investigation you may contact the HR Department directly.

You will be contacted by your preferred method (by email, ‘phone or in writing) with the results of the investigation into your complaint. At this time you will be asked whether you are satisfied with the outcome and will have the opportunity to ask any question regarding the investigation. If you are satisfied with the outcome the complaint will be closed.


Step 3
If you are unhappy with the findings of the investigation and wish to complain further you can raise your complaint in writing to Maureen Emmett, Director EM Skills. Your complaint will be reviewed and a decision made.


Step 4
If your complaint concerns a course or process that includes an examination, you can raise the complaint with the appropriate awarding organisation. Details of the awarding organisation can be found in the Course Handbook for the course.


Step 5
You may escalate a complaint to the qualifications regulator, Ofqual.


Anonymous Complaints
On occasion there may be a need to make an anonymous complaint. You can make a complaint by either telephone, e-mail or in writing. We may not be able to provide feedback on anonymous complaints but they will be taken seriously and investigated.