What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes designed to meet the needs of the employer. Apprentices can provide extra help during busy periods and are willing to carry out a wide range of tasks that will ultimately assist them in achieving their qualifications. They tend not to have pre-conceived ideas on how to carry out tasks and can often bring a fresh approach and renewed energy to a business. Apprenticeships typically last about a year.

Why choose an apprenticeship over other alternatives?

  • If you prefer practical tasks and want to start your career with, an apprenticeship may be a good idea for you.
  • If you want to start a job and earn whilst you learn, you should become an apprentice!
  • You can start an apprenticeship at any time after you have completed year 11, with no maximum age limit.
  • You can join at any time!
  • You can progress from an intermediate apprenticeship to a Master’s Degree.
  • Average wage starting at £150 – £170 a week. If you are over 19 after one year you must be paid the minimum wage. 
  • You have a proper job which will give on-the-job experience and off -the-job training. 
  • You will have to stand out from the crowd…apprenticeships are popular and there are usually 11 applicants for every job role.

To become an apprentice, you need to:

  • Be legally allowed to work in the UK and have a job. If you don’t have a job, we can help you find one. (We can also help you with your application)
  • Have no qualifications above Level 3 eg if you’ve done a degree, you can’t become an apprentice
  • Be aged 16 or over — there’s no upper age limit

Apply for an apprenticeship

To check your eligibility and apply for an apprenticeship click here.

If you have any questions, chat with us online, call 01992 677 373 or email info@emskills.org.uk.

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